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The Leaping Place is an animated short film based off Hawaiian mythology of transcending spirits, alternate dimensions, and the life after death. The title comes from the Legends of Ka’ena Point where spirits would “leap” into the next life. The story follows an elderly woman named Elizabeth who embarks on a journey that leads her to the opening of a cave. In order to enter the next chapter of her life, Elizabeth must face her fears and worries of the physical world and find reconciliation and peace in the afterlife. With the help of past spirits she is both comforted and guided toward the journey that lies ahead; a life anew.

Nor: A Cloud Story is a CG animated film about the rivalry between two young cloud siblings in their pursuit to capture stray balloons. This film was a group project executed by a team of 20 talented individuals in ten weeks’ time. The film was inspired by relationships between siblings and was specifically targeted at a younger audience. Therefore an important lesson our team aimed to portray was how our actions can affect those we love in either a positive or negative manner. Drawn to patterned clothing and patchwork we felt that this stylized and colorful world would also appeal to our target audience. 

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